Midday Respite: Volcano

℗ 2020 PAN All Rights Reserved ℗ Alexandra Drewchin

Draw your plans

Drink your safety in waves

Chance is a volcano

The Ashes bathe away memories face

The Fire,

Burns your route

of intentions escape.

All Rights Reserved © mmartel∞ 2021

Polarize: The Master’s Light Shade

Bad sector is a musical project created by Massimo Magrini (Italy). Graduated in Computer Science, he studied academic electronic music and works as a researcher in the Italian National Research Council (CNR). His research topics include digital signal processing and gestural devices for man machine interaction. He teaches Interaction Design at the Academy of Arts in Pisa. As Bad Sector, since 1994, he has been releasing many CDs, vinyls, tapes, always having good response in the international underground scenes. His first album, “Ampos”, is generally referred as reference in the dark ambient scene. He usually presents his music in audio-visual performances, often using special controllers. Besides Bad Sector, in 2001 Magrini formed the project Olhon, together with the Where leading member Zairo, exploring the territories between dark ambient and field recordings, using only sounds recorded in extreme locations (caves, underwater etc.) as source material.



The Bad, the Incredible

Hold the fear

If the master’s will…. escapes

But to master Escape

Is to live on the edges

The Frames Brutal point

The Border-less

Lest the Borders inhabit existence

Restrict the Restrictions

To Entice the Growing divide

Divide the hands of time

To hand the time its own despair

The culture has killed itself

And the master lives on

In the Lights greatest shade

All Rights Reserved © mmartel∞ 2021

Star Tears: Deep Inside the Eclipsed Sun

All Rights Reserved ℗ Subheim

Lay here

Deep inside

Deep Inside


It is here

In This Obscurity


Upon Mantle



Feel Inside

Each transplant

Reach from star to star

Walk the Dust

Walk the Dust


It is Darkness

You are this Light



Come into this

Free Space

Free Space

For As we walk

we run

And as we Dive

Into the Eclipsed Drowned Sun

We Brush

We will Rush,

Star Tears

Lay Here.

All Rights Reserved © mmartel∞ 2021

Faith Consuming Hope: Legs of Flame, Star of Despair

℗ 2020 PAN All Rights Reserved ℗ Alexandra Drewchin

This, Your Bequest

Legs of Flame

To Ride the Waters

of Deceit

To Follow the Deepest



The Blackest Forests

There is no Faith

To march your Body

There is no hope

To pilot your mind

These Ashen Feet

A Path

A Remembrance

That to be consumed by the fires

One must be swathed by the breaking

No Bone

No Heart

But the Heat

of the Soul

Remains an eternities ember



That to be consumed by the fires

One must release the flickers of fight

The Star of Despair

The Star of Despair

Will drive your bones into

Dusted paths


Into the Rivers

The Rivers of faith consuming hope

The Spines upon your head

The Thorns upon your soul

Never Forget

Never Forget


The Lair

Hope, your endless chasm

but breath

It lights the fire

Your legs

will fight

this towering, consuming night

All Rights Reserved © mmartel∞ 2021

Circe Poisoning the Sea

John William Waterhouse

All Rights Reserved ℗ Alcest

Sea Battered

You walk to me with legs of foam


When you wash upon my shores

Will you wash upon my shores


Touch your pale feet

One by one into

my sea

For your beauty is a black star

And I am trapped by your unearthly presence

Let me touch upon touch

Every outline of your edges



Ever so softly, take your last living breath

I do not mean to harm you

for there is no loss in that which you

cannot sense to send

Your lines, my infirmary

Your eyes, my death

Please spare one part

My heart

was always yours

Now my hands

they are

to deliver your drowning fates

All Rights Reserved © mmartel∞ 2021

Patience: The Flag of Despair, the Loss of Promise

All Rights Reserved ℗ Low Roar


and I wait


still I want


watching the signs of you


consumed by the loss of promise


raising the distress flag


but still no signs of gentle hands


force in the night of drowning despair

To love

Love is a gift

For the taking


the crossing of the beaming star

Stars in dreams by which

we breathe

and choke

Avow me this solitary


for chances are small

and the patience of


Is the flag of despair

All Rights Reserved © mmartel∞ 2021

The Deepest Oceans hide the Blackest Iron Hearts

All Rights Reserved ℗ Alcest

The deepest oceans

Hide the darkest voices

Entombed by the star of movement

Drowned in the depths of you, universe

Light will shield you

But betray you

Cold will warm you

The scorn of breath

Pain the need to breathe

Over this ocean

over this ocean

You come to meet

The hands of the unknown

You come to meet

The wings in gilded fight

For to swim amongst the desolate

For to tread the needing want


You will never betray Your black heart


You are all that is not seen or heard

Yet underneath all is nevermore known

The deepest oceans

Hide the darkest voices



They are all I can offer you deep ocean


You offer me the iron cage

To break into the ocean, my own.

All Rights Reserved © mmartel∞ 2021

Midday Respite: Teenage Blue, dream love star

All Rights Reserved ℗ Dreamgirl

All that is my dreams

All that is imagined

Through the Lily range

of time

Plays its blue murmurs

Through the winding

meadows of unease

in moment

in soil space


We see that all


Not meant to be imagined

But contented through

A teenage dreams innocent flower

bound by the roots

broken by the unsuspected

eyes of stars love

All Rights Reserved © mmartel∞ 2021