A Cage : The Iron Lung To Life

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The Heart of Mirrored fires


The Christ Enshrouds

Cloaks of Felicity

Desolations Pyres


To Martyr

The Wings of the Lost

An Iron Lung,

For a Cage

Souls Ashen Cost


Wisdom Will Gage

This garden of doom


Paths forechosen

To Bind the Enslaved


Forever the Enraptured

Blood of the Heart

Liquid Shackles


The Dissolving Prison

The Iron Lung’s Cage

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The Architect Of Loss

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Dont Fix

What is Seen


My Life

My loss

My Heart

My Cost

Fear Grips

Fear Strips

Love Enlightens

Depth Frightens

Truth Stated

Face Abated

This Skin

Forever My Sin

This Guilt

The Formless Built



No one Saves

The Self Enslaved

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Midday Respite

All Rights Reserved © My Dying Bride

Where are you now my love?
My sweet one
Where have you gone oh my love?
I’m so alone

I only think of you
And it drives me down
I only dream of you

Come here
My lover
I’ll keep you
I will change you
Come here
My slave
You will live
My lover
With you
I’m gone
At last

I’ll come to you, take my hand
Hold me again, please take my hand

Who are you?
What were you?
My beauty
I can’t tell
How I feel
How I felt
You have paid
For your
With You
I’m done
At last

Please hold me now my love
Where are you now?, oh my sweet love

Songwriters: Aaron Stainthorpe, Andrew David Craighan, Adrian Richard Winfield Jackson

A Nighttime Companion of Solitude: Flesh : Loves Pyre

All Rights Reserved © My Dying Bride

We …the Poison

And the Poisoned


One Heart,

A Scorched Universe

Surrendered Through leaded time


Ashen Relics

For This

An unprepared Flesh


Perception Enshrouded

Eyes Enclouded


We the Skin

We the Vein



the Slave enslaved .


Bones Dry Desire


This The Endless



Death Briar

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The Woman of The Snow: Cold Deep Heart

All Rights Reserved © Faith and the Muse

The Lures of destruction

Stiffen their engaging grasp

In the Webs of Water Lilies and Blood

Mortal Coils

Eyes of fire

Devotion the most infinite Trap

Lady of the Snow

Webbing her tears of Ice

Heart obscures all hope

Lady of the Waters


The expiring map

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Circumspection: A Sigh to Relief

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The will to a calm


Never suffering the worldly charm







Lies the head of the wanderer


And his heart,

A cloud


Passing all that is solid

Passing all that is Clear


Come Hither My lost Child

Come to see all that had passed


With your wary little limbs

And your heavy stride so Lithe


Will you Heed all that is not encountered?

Heed the passings which haunt?


Come into my haunted garden

Come tread this ghastly path


Your eyes so lost and distant

Your mouth so firm and drawn


Devotion is ever dreaming

Awake, this the dead end breath


The fires that had burned inside you

The Wind which carried your here


Respect, this the tree of delusion


Enamored deadly

forever these briars

to trap



the will to heed and disarm


A life enshrouded,

completely embalmed

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