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A Nighttime Companion of Solitude

Fairest isle, all isles excelling,
Seat of pleasure and of love
Venus here will choose her dwelling,
And forsake her Cyprian grove.
Cupid from his fav'rite nation
Care and envy will remove;
Jealousy, that poisons passion,
And despair, that dies for love.

Gentle murmurs, sweet complaining,
Sighs that blow the fire of love
Soft repulses, kind disdaining,
Shall be all the pains you prove.
Ev'ry swain shall pay his duty,
Grateful ev'ry nymph shall prove;
And as these excel in beauty,
Those shall be renown'd for love.


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Let No Man Steal Your Thyme


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Come all you fair and tender maids
That flourish in your prime.
Beware, beware keep your garden fair.
Let no man steal your thyme;
Let no man steal your thyme.

For when your thyme is past and gone,
He’ll care no more for you,
And every place where your thyme was waste
Will all spread o’re with rue,
Will all spread o’re with rue.
For woman is a branchy tree,
And man’s a clinging vine,
And from your branches carelessly
He’ll take what he can find,
He’ll take what he can find.

The gardener’s son was standing by;
Three flowers he gave to me
The pink, the blue, and the violet, too,
And the red, red rosy tree,
The red, red, rosy tree.

But I forsook the red rose bush
and gained the willow tree,
So all the world might plainly see
How my love slighted me,
How my love slighted me.

Come all you fair and tender maids
That flourish in your prime.
Beware, beware keep your garden fair.
Let no man steal your thyme;
Let no man steal your thyme.

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The Boundary of the Boundless


according to necessity, for they pay the penalty and retribution to each other for their injustice in accordance with the ordering of time




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“Of those who declared that the first principle is one, moving and indefinite, Anaximander… said that the indefinite was the first principle and element of things that are, and he was the first to call the first principle indefinite [apeiron]. He says that the first principle is neither water nor any other of the things called elements, but some other nature which is indefinite, out of which come to be all the heavens and the worlds in them. The things that are perish into the things out of which they come to be.”



“This does not have a first principle, but seems to be the first principle of the rest, and to contain all things and steer all things, as all declare who do not fashion other causes aside from the infinite… and this is divine. For it is deathless and indestructible, as Anaximander says and most of the natural philosophers.”



“He declares that what arose from the eternal and is productive of hot and cold was separated off at the coming to be of the cosmos, and a kind of sphere of flame from this grew around the dark mist about the earth like bark about a tree. When it was broken off and enclosed in certain circles, the sun, moon and stars came to be.”





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“The earth’s shape is curved, round, like a stone column. We walk on one of the surfaces and the other one is set opposite. The stars come to be as a circle of fire separated off from the fire in the cosmos and enclosed by dark mist. There are vents, certain tube-like passages at which the stars appear. For this reason, eclipses occur when the vents are blocked. The moon appears sometimes waxing sometimes waning as the passages are blocked. The circle of the sun is twenty-seven times <that of the earth> and that of the moon <18 times>, and the sun is highest, and the circles of the fixed stars are lowest.”

— Hippolytus,



“Anaximander says there is a circle 28 times the earth, like a chariot wheel, with its rim hollow and full of fire. It lets the fire appear through an orifice at one point, as through the nozzle of a bellows; and this is the sun.”




“Some, like Anaximander… declare that the earth is at rest on account of its similarity. For it is no more fitting for what is established at the center and equally related to the extremes to move up rather than down or sideways. And it is impossible for it to make a move simultaneously in opposite directions. Therefore, it is at rest of necessity.




“The earth is in mid-air [aloft] not controlled by anything, but staying put because of its distance from all things.”





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“Anaximander says that the first animals were produced in moisture, enclosed in thorny barks. When their age increased they came out into the drier part, their bark broke off, and they lived a different mode of life for a short time.”




“He also declares that in the beginning humans were born from other kinds of animals, since other animals quickly manage on their own, and humans alone require lengthy nursing. For this reason, in the beginning they would not have been preserved if they had been like this.”

— Pseudo-Plutarch




“Anaximander… believed that there arose from heated water and earth either fish or animals very like fish. In these humans grew and were kept inside as embryos up to puberty. Then finally they burst and men and women came forth already able to nourish themselves.”




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Fragments in pursuit,

‘Tis the will to unite

Fragments found in the treading lot…

Filament… ’tis a glow to a form

Journey upon journey,

Thread to weaving thread

What fragments pursue us now,

this our tenderest blight.


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Ni ostana pustelija,zemjata se raskopa
Studeni se zimite,ni yemnat postelite.

I orli{ta nadojdoa,na tri se razdelija,
planinite ni gi gazat,o~ite ni gi kopat
I narod }e naterat od prazna stomna da pie
i sonce }e ni zamenat za }ora pol-mese~ina

Od kade ti e imeto,bez koren ti e lozata
I sestri ti navezaa za petsto veka crnina

I sega ko’ da ne sva}a{ od kade e ovaa svetlina
{to ni be{e videlina za petsto leta temnina.

I foduli neka prepuknat i race da im okapat.
Niz usti pelin neka izblujat od pusta im pogan{tina

Od sabja rani }e zarasnat
Od o~i solzi }e se isu{at.
No v du{a besnat vetrovi,a na srce paja`ini

All we have left is solitude,the earth is shoveled
the winters are cold,our beds are made of ice.

Many eagles came,split into three,
they tread on our highlands,dig our eyes out.
They will force people to drink from an empty well,
instead of sun they will give us a blind halfmoon.

Where do you come from,you are without heritage
and your sisters wove black gowns for five centuries.

Kjania The Fumbler
and now you act as if you don’t understand from where this light has come from,
that was meant for us,the light in the five hundred summers of darkness.
May our enemies silence,their hands be cut off,from their lips
may bitterness run,because they are harmful.

The swords will heal the wounds
The tears will dry from the eyes
In the soul storms run wild,within the heart spiders crawl.


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The bridges to understanding are few.

Fewer yet are the precautions to a satisfaction.

Satisfactions are mild moments before the precipice reveals its prepossessing crevice.

The human in all its bent…will to wisdom draws in and up.

In all the humanoid and its curvature, the straight of line will soon come and pass.

In the leaning towards the sun and the respite of the drowning rain…the coming flood haunts the grasping air..

Higher and higher we build…in our misshapen fortress a bridge to a beam.

But to understand cannot one assemble.  No incipient form will ever reappear.

It is a change to a change where the coming bond will break to bond.

In the multiplicity of fragment, power is master…bridges may bond.

But understanding in the key to unlock

Unfasten the coming universe

Holding its eternal bridge.


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The Lost Trophy


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“The true trophy hunter is a self-disciplined perfectionist seeking a single animal, the ancient patriarch well past his prime that is often an outcast from his own kind… If successful, he will enshrine the trophy in a place of honor. This is a more noble and fitting end than dying on some lost and lonely ledge where the scavengers will pick his bones, and his magnificent horns will weather away and be lost forever.”