The Red Truth

No matter whom you are, no matter your position in life or otherwise…

There comes a time when you…you must face the ultimate face of truth in all its presence.

When this time comes, we are faced with two inexorable possibilities:

  1. To see and experience all that the truth is and what and how it will lead
  2. Or to close the eyes of truth and halt experience in its very standing.

No matter the choice, there is an outcome in effect.

The red truth holds all accountable.

The red truth requires endless courage.

The red truth knows no faces, it writes no names.

The red truth knows no grandeur, it knows no destruction.

The red truth is defined of itself, by itself for all of itself.

The red truth is blind to none and blind to all.

The red truth seeks itself and in seeking itself, it finds itself endlessly.

The red truth is life, it is the farthermost of deaths.

The red truth is existence, it is the unadulterated birth.

We can choose to turn away. We can choose to fight off the thralls to exist and be human in all its colors. But the red truth will find you. And when it finds you…

will you find yourself?

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Minutes if breathing, one to the next

Holy and of the sweetest unrest.

Minutes if breathing, one to the next

Holy and of the wisdom’s arrest.

Minutes if breathing, one to the next

Holy and of the underworlds grandest inquest.

Minutes if breathing, one to the next

Holy and of the gods confessed.

Minutes if breathing, one to the next…

Time…it is the life of the dead and the dead’s greatest life.

Minutes may seem small, but minutes hold the momentary lapses into which eternities may be created. One is not to undervalue the smallest of achievement, for a civilized soul counts the minutes not the grandeur of days spent in glory but in the possibility which is defeat.

All Rights Reserved © mmartel∞ 2020

A Nighttime Companion of Solitude

Father Father Will you forgive me

If I should leave your garden?

I will miss the water lilies

White are still my sheets of linen

White is still my skin that

I Bathe in scents of memories

And of “Joy” by Jean Patou

Father Father Will you forget me

When I’ve crossed the seventh sea?

I will sink this boat, this canopic jar

To feel again the beating of your royal heart

Blood as pure as porcelain

Fills my loins and lungs

I’ll sink to the bottom

To the Valley of the Kings

All Rights Reserved © Susanne Sundfør

Re-Blog: Thulean Perspective- About Civilization

High technology, superior art, great temples, great achievements and even great empires. It’s all a result of civilization, and casting aside civilization would be a waste of potential. Right?

To answer that, the first question we need to ask is: where and why did civilization appear?

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