A Nighttime Companion of Solitude

Father Father Will you forgive me

If I should leave your garden?

I will miss the water lilies

White are still my sheets of linen

White is still my skin that

I Bathe in scents of memories

And of “Joy” by Jean Patou

Father Father Will you forget me

When I’ve crossed the seventh sea?

I will sink this boat, this canopic jar

To feel again the beating of your royal heart

Blood as pure as porcelain

Fills my loins and lungs

I’ll sink to the bottom

To the Valley of the Kings

All Rights Reserved © Susanne Sundfør

A Nighttime Companion of Solitude: Ангел играет на лютне

“Why, Why Forever…”

Why, why forever to the deadly line
I’m pushed unpityingly by blows of the Fortune?
Whether all this, including life of mine,
Are only moments of the endless torture?
I want to live, tho’ heart hasn’t joy inside,
And happiness is just a tale to know,
But I am called in distance by some light,
And it is seemed, that I can have its glow.
Maybe, ‘tis just a spirit – this far blaze!
Maybe, my hopes are lost any ground!
But there – afar, in the unearthly space, 
Its rays are ever beautiful and proud!

-Alex Blok
Translated by Yevgeny Bonver, March, 2002