Where Am I?


Where am I?

Am I Here?

Am I Alive?

Can I feel?

Do I want?

What is around me?

What is it that binds me?

What is it that blinds me?

Do I seek?

Am I sought?


Can I find?

Can I feast?

Can I forge?

Can I repeat?

Where is land?

Where is dust?

Where is home?

What can I trust?

If there is light…Is there dark?

If there is gray…will I wither?

Find me…

Find me…

Find me…

I am not here.

I am not where.

I am in the midst of you.

I am in the rarest forms of you.

Can you find me?

Can you hide me?

Will you blind me?

Try me.

You will not find me.

You will not find me.

I am dust that binds me.

You will not find me.

You will not find me.

I am air of a kind in thee.

You cannot see me.

You cannot see me.

Will you wait?

Will you wait?

Is it will…

that will bind thee?

You cannot see, you will not wait.

This is space.

This is space.

Where are you?

Where am I?


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So Many Trifles and Too Much Time

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Tower to endless tower,

dust per miss the light.

So Many Trifles and too much time…

we toil, we ravage

this the forage to arrive.




The badge of high.

The lofts of significance,

’tis but an inessential plot to land

some pinnacle position.

But devices of desire,

naught are the wonders to belief.

Heed thyself amongst the autogenous plight.


Forget not…

the point is plunge.




a machine of desire

many are the trifles, barren time.



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Meditations: Piece I



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“It is with and without one, that the other finds the sum.  The two unbeknownst to me, rings truer in the dirge; its gradient death hidden within the blea. Beneath the tread to lot, beneath the tread to none…it is with and without the one, eternity naught in mediation to none.”


It is in the closest thoughts to the one, that one reaches a true uncovering.  To meditate in and under the life…is to pass through that which holds still.  It is in these peculiar moments in the between, where the recognizance of existence yields the verboten pome.  The answer which leads to a question, a posit held in place.  A disregard for that which one stands in front of and understands from behind.

To meditate is to see that what applies to the sum, applies to none.  Yet, it is through the sum of understanding, that which applies to none abounded becomes the sum. To meditate is to catch a momentary motion, above and through the apex that eternally sums the mount.

Whom is he which mediates in the path that enters to nothingness.  Whom is he which meditates, on the alive and the sum which breathes sustenance to form.  Whom is he which mediates, on the path of narrowest fit.  He whom grasps the hand of life, he whom grasps no nearer to the hand of passing…the bridge of meditation, the nexus evermore.

No man in exception, understands within and without.  He meditates in that which breathes life-force, to reach from point to point.  And in this in-between, the straight and narrow, he finds that which may escape him in this life.  Only, then do his thoughts become a mediation and the life-breath yields its force.

This be the life-breath, the meditations of John Donne…


Actio Laesa. The  strength,  and  the  function
of the Senses, and other faculties
change and faile.                         

THE Heavens are not the less constant, because they move continually, because they move continually one and the same way. The Earth is not the more constant, because it lyes stil continually, because continually it changes, and melts in al parts thereof. Man, who is the noblest part of the Earth, melts so away, as if he were a statue, not ofEarth, but of Snowe. We see his owne Envie melts him, he growes leane with that; he will say, anothers beautie melts him; but he feeles that a Fever doth not melt him likesnow, but powr him out like lead, like iron, like brasse melted in a furnace: It doth not only melt him, but calcine him, reduce him to Atomes, and to ashes; not to water, but to lime. And how quickly? Sooner than thou canst receive an answer, sooner than thou canst conceive the question; Earth is the center of my Bodie, Heaven is thecenter of my Soule; these two are the naturall places of those two; but those goe not to these two in an equall pace: My body falls downe without pushing, my Soule does not go up without pulling: Ascension is my Soules pace and measure, butprecipitation my bodies: And, even Angells, whose home is Heaven, and who are winged too, yet had a Ladder to goe to Heaven, by steps. The Sunne who goes so many miles in a minut, the Starres of the Firmament, which go so very many more, goe not so fast, as my body to the earth. In the same instant that I feele the first attempt of the disease, I feele the victory; In the twinckling of an eye, I can scarse see, instantly the tast is insipid, and fatuous; instantly the appetite is dull and desirelesse: instantly the knees are sinking and strengthlesse; and in an instant, sleepe, which is thepicture, the copie of death, is taken away, that the Originall, Death it selfe may succeed, and that so I might have death to the life. It was part of Adams punishment,In the sweat of thy browes thou shalt eate thy bread: it is multiplied to me, I have earned bread in the sweat of my browes, in the labor of my calling, and I have it; and I sweat againe, and againe, from the brow, to the sole of the foot, but I eat no bread, I tast no sustenance: Miserable distribution of Mankind, where one halfe lackes meat, and the other stomacke.

Source :
Donne, John. The Complete Poetry and Selected Prose of John Donne.
Charles M. Coffin, Ed. New York: Modern Library, 1952. 416-417.


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The Boundary of the Boundless


according to necessity, for they pay the penalty and retribution to each other for their injustice in accordance with the ordering of time




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“Of those who declared that the first principle is one, moving and indefinite, Anaximander… said that the indefinite was the first principle and element of things that are, and he was the first to call the first principle indefinite [apeiron]. He says that the first principle is neither water nor any other of the things called elements, but some other nature which is indefinite, out of which come to be all the heavens and the worlds in them. The things that are perish into the things out of which they come to be.”



“This does not have a first principle, but seems to be the first principle of the rest, and to contain all things and steer all things, as all declare who do not fashion other causes aside from the infinite… and this is divine. For it is deathless and indestructible, as Anaximander says and most of the natural philosophers.”



“He declares that what arose from the eternal and is productive of hot and cold was separated off at the coming to be of the cosmos, and a kind of sphere of flame from this grew around the dark mist about the earth like bark about a tree. When it was broken off and enclosed in certain circles, the sun, moon and stars came to be.”





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“The earth’s shape is curved, round, like a stone column. We walk on one of the surfaces and the other one is set opposite. The stars come to be as a circle of fire separated off from the fire in the cosmos and enclosed by dark mist. There are vents, certain tube-like passages at which the stars appear. For this reason, eclipses occur when the vents are blocked. The moon appears sometimes waxing sometimes waning as the passages are blocked. The circle of the sun is twenty-seven times <that of the earth> and that of the moon <18 times>, and the sun is highest, and the circles of the fixed stars are lowest.”

— Hippolytus,



“Anaximander says there is a circle 28 times the earth, like a chariot wheel, with its rim hollow and full of fire. It lets the fire appear through an orifice at one point, as through the nozzle of a bellows; and this is the sun.”




“Some, like Anaximander… declare that the earth is at rest on account of its similarity. For it is no more fitting for what is established at the center and equally related to the extremes to move up rather than down or sideways. And it is impossible for it to make a move simultaneously in opposite directions. Therefore, it is at rest of necessity.




“The earth is in mid-air [aloft] not controlled by anything, but staying put because of its distance from all things.”





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“Anaximander says that the first animals were produced in moisture, enclosed in thorny barks. When their age increased they came out into the drier part, their bark broke off, and they lived a different mode of life for a short time.”




“He also declares that in the beginning humans were born from other kinds of animals, since other animals quickly manage on their own, and humans alone require lengthy nursing. For this reason, in the beginning they would not have been preserved if they had been like this.”

— Pseudo-Plutarch




“Anaximander… believed that there arose from heated water and earth either fish or animals very like fish. In these humans grew and were kept inside as embryos up to puberty. Then finally they burst and men and women came forth already able to nourish themselves.”





Two on a Tower


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“There is a size at which dignity begins,” he exclaimed; “further on there is a size at which grandeur begins; further on there is a size at which solemnity begins; further on, a size at which awfulness begins; further on, a size at which ghastliness begins. That size faintly approaches the size of the stellar universe. So am I not right in saying that those minds who exert their imaginative powers to bury themselves in the depths of that universe merely strain their faculties to gain a new horror?”

“So that, whatever the stars were made for, they were not made to please our eyes. It is just the same in everything; nothing is made for man.”

“But time is short, and science is infinite…”



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“Within his temples felt thoughts not of woman’s looks, but of stellar aspects and the configuration of constellations. Thus, to his physical attractiveness was added the attractiveness of mental inaccessibility.”


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“At night, when human discords and harmonies are hushed, . . . there is nothing to moderate the blow with which the infinitely great, the stellar universe, strikes down upon the infinitely little, the mind of the beholder . . . Having got closer to immensity than their fellow-creatures, they saw at once its beauty and its frightfulness. They more and more felt the contrast between their own tiny magnitudes and those among which they had recklessly plunged, till they were oppressed with the presence of a vastness they could not cope with even as an idea, and which hung about them like a nightmare.”


These five increments of word service,  from “Two on a Tower” lay beside you…  a tantalizing expectation of what Thomas Hardy tried to contain in one masterpiece…Love, astronomy and that which cannot be touched.

Please read this story of the stars…. 

Click to access Two%20on%20a%20Tower.pdf

Space Love


In the space of earth and other fleshly love…there is a divide that one cannot discern.  It is in this sweeping expanse, that limits find their un-boundedness.

If earth is not space and love is not of the flesh…the divide does there exist.  The expanse will uncover and therein lies a hint of its possibility.

If earth is space and love is of the flesh…the divide simply is itself.  The expanse still present, the un-boundedness of different plane.

If love is of another in the constancy of space…the divide constantly repeats itself, the love is ever present.

If earth cannot be of space…constancy still expands.  The divide begins to reveal itself, as earth moves towards un-space.

In the space that is flesh…love is of the earth and if the earth is a divide, flesh inhabits an expanse not bounded in ordinary plane.

If love is a divide and the earth inhabits this space…the divide becomes ever wider, the plane of ordinary existence becomes unbounded.

If existence is unbounded and ever inhabiting its earthly space…time eternally repeats itself and love cannot be of the flesh.


∞ Dedicated to those whom search in true diligence, with an ever-increasing strength in the divide…for that which cannot be found. Yet remain ever equal and true in that of unboundedness, which is existence. ∞


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Truth in Pursuit

The aim of scientific work is truth. While we internally recognise something as true, we judge, and while we utter judgements, we assert

Having visual impressions is, of course, necessary for seeing things, but it is not sufficient. What must be added is not anything sensible. And it is precisely this that unlocks the outer world for us; for without this non-sensible something, each of us would remain locked up in his inner world.


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‘Facts, facts, facts,’ cries the scientist if he wants to emphasize the necessity of a firm foundation for science. What is a fact? A fact is a thought that is true. But the scientist will surely not recognize something which depends on men’s varying states of mind to be the firm foundation of science.


Please read further on the logic of truth…

Click to access Frege_The%20Thought.pdf


Will…The Valiant Tread Here No More: Piece II (“Crowning Glory”)



Glory be given…to those inadequate thereof

The crown bestowed…upon the halos of guile

The crown bestowed…upon the humanoid corpse.


Glory be given…to those inadequate thereof

The Cloth of power… swathe for the bereft of form

The Cloth of power… swathe for the bereft of soul.


Glory be given…to those inadequate thereof

The seed of choice…n’er backstory, n’er maturation.

The seed of choice…n’er progress, n’er chronicled tale.

The Infertile seed a prison,

Those of unloyal union…

An eternal body to dust, unfailingly towards diminishing scale.


Glory be given…to those inadequate thereof

Their rootless saviors…passerby strangers

Their rootless saviors…passerby mangers.

Deliverer beckoned, whence admiration is waning

Salvager all and blighted,

whence grandeur is self-sustaining.


Glory be given…to those inadequate thereof

Their crowning glory, a crusade of the fool

for whom had you devoured?

Their crowning glory,  a betrayal in the final hour

for whom have you devoured?

From the heights of an infinite tower

what crowning glory,

will save you mortal now?


Glory is not given…it is mere lifeblood.

what crowning glory,

will save you mortal now?

Glory a fire-powered illusion…

your will devoured, your own wasted heart

A thousand shapeless deaths…

Glory is not given…emptiness whence the fainted start


your saving vow.


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Will…The Valiant Tread Here No More: Piece I

In mortal need, where need begat ravenous appetite,

the valiant shall tread here no more.

The visage of betrayal,

personifies you grievous mortal,

whom dares to tread… upon terra firma no more.

Embrace the airs of nascent being.

In moment of appetite absent,

the valiant shall tread here no more.

The will to see that which is lost…

and to gain that which cannot be gained,

is the abyss to which the mortal with judas kiss,

wilst cling evermore.

In the presence of great distortion,

the valiant shall tread here no more.

Brick upon brick,

the broken castle shall shield you nevermore.

The mortars of shallow fraudulence,

bending your brittle will…

The winds of principle,

baring your drowning shell.

In the nakedness of undisguised truth,

the valiant tread here no more.


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