Beyond this Moment

Beyond this moment…there is another moment. And that moment, holds another moment. Which cradles another moment. And another. Ad infinitum. Endless is the possibility, as moments keep existing. You cannot hold, you cannot linger. You cannot grasp, yet momentary finding. But moments, are the innocence of purest magic. Magic which can float and exist… encapsulated truest beauty. The beauty we all long to hold. Our deepest longing.

We have it. Let the magic be yours. Open your world to the possibility, of …

beyond this moment.

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Traveler’s Rest: Destiny Unbound

For the mind to truly see, hear and develop one must ultimately find some form of rest. Some may view this as peace. In perceptive introspect, some may view this as defeat; defeat of the body.

The human form is incredible and incredulous, defying most conceivable notions to tangentially prove its functions.

Rest…is the ultimate place for purpose and function to mark the arrow of existence.

Rest…is the child in us all, begging to place its pure beauty in motion upon motion to each cell… in creation or destruction. To make whole that which is a(part).

Rest is the gods mortal dwelling…the ships port of occasion, the predestination of dreams greatest form.

In rest…we unleash the true traveler, whom will find the ends of infinities beginnings.

Unlocking the purest of worlds.

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Abide with Me: And the Stars Go With You

Amatory Nature, Unearthly Powers

Abide with me , by my side.

For as I tread along this narrow road,

I encounter none to see.

Abide with me, by my side.

For as I look I fail to see;

And as I see, I cannot Unearth.

Abide with me, by my side.

For my unearthly motions, fail to reach the edges of the ground.

And my unearthly breathing, fails to produce life.

Abide with me, by my side.

For Loneliness is not darkness and Light is Friable, so calm .

And my unearthly conflicts, make skin so thin and unclouded.

Abide with me, by my side.

Bound in me… in the same instant, unbounded.

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Knowledge: A blind light

Beware of Knowledge, the Double Edge Sword of Reason.

For every extract… to find the vial of wisdom one must take in an inordinate amount of poison. Knowledge is that poison. Knowledge is also that fleeting constituent which brings together all the drops of poison, into the poison’s remedy. Poison is the Antidote. Antidote, the poison. And the shining, blinding light that would be barest truth in color…neither antidote, nor poison exists.

Beware of knowledge, the double edge sword of reason. The sharp edges of truth and duller light of existence and escape.

Hope is a fleeting antidote, for the reality that knowledge brings both life and death. Both necessary constituents to fully engage the mind, body and soul.

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Meet Next Life

Meet next life

In the Half life that you live


In the Half life that you live

You will

Meet next Life

In the Half Life




Life is a series of cycles, we each can only live half in our lives…a half life. But the fear that one may not meet life, helps you meet in the next life. And the circle is what it is. Everlasting, beauty finds itself.

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