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The bridges to understanding are few.

Fewer yet are the precautions to a satisfaction.

Satisfactions are mild moments before the precipice reveals its prepossessing crevice.

The human in all its bent…will to wisdom draws in and up.

In all the humanoid and its curvature, the straight of line will soon come and pass.

In the leaning towards the sun and the respite of the drowning rain…the coming flood haunts the grasping air..

Higher and higher we build…in our misshapen fortress a bridge to a beam.

But to understand cannot one assemble.  No incipient form will ever reappear.

It is a change to a change where the coming bond will break to bond.

In the multiplicity of fragment, power is master…bridges may bond.

But understanding in the key to unlock

Unfasten the coming universe

Holding its eternal bridge.


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