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Myths and Facts

Historical Revisionism

“Can The Truth Ever Be Truly Captured”?


For every “fact” there is a “myth” and for every “myth”, there is a “story” based in “fact”. Revisionism is the logical step towards the progression of upward thought, away from the constructs of “fact or myth.”  Whatever may be held as “truth” must be questioned relentlessly.  What is left are the words that continue a “story”and the notion that “reality” is no more “fact” then “myth”.  Time is the weight that the world must bear. Eternity is the “truth” that neither “fact” or “myth” can eradicate.


“Maintaining the hatreds and passions of the past prevents genuine reconciliation and lasting peace. The Auschwitz extermination story originated as World War II propaganda. And all wartime propaganda, unless hatred and passion are to have the final word, must be viewed critically. It is high time to take a more objective look at this highly polemicized chapter of history.”


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Jewish insatiable greed for money and power

Insatiable Greed…will it never cease

1920 Poland-Żydokomuna (Jew-Commie) poster

Jewish insatiable greed for money and power that one cannot see an end to is truly DISTURBING and DISGUSTING.

We are witnessing a small self-appointed clique manipulating the world’s assets and wealth for their own self enrichment. Between the masonic and Zionist control that encompasses the globe, especially in Britain and America, there is an evil and despicable greed devouring vast fortunes into the hands of the thieves masquerading as hedge fund managers, this while the rest of the world’s population are being made homeless with billions living in abject poverty and destitution.

While constituting only around 2%of the American population Jewish Americans dominate and pepper every important American institution thereby ensuring that Israel and Jewish concerns are of paramount concerns in all domestic and foreign policy. From the Executive Branch, to Congress, to Wall Street banking and financial institutions, from Corporate ownership and leadership of American industry to the…

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Commenters on New York Daily News Holocaust story; the revisionists overwhelm the establishment types who revert to desperate violations of Godwin’s Law

Another one…When will people accept the truth? What does it take…

Mindweapons in Ragnarok

One third of those aware of Holocaust say it’s greatly exaggerated

Entre commenters!

Wano Nymous • a month ago
Anyone with half a brain and 5 minutes to spend looking at census and almanac data of Jewish populations in Europe before and after WW2 can easily tell that the 6 million dead Jews figure is totally impossible. The maximum number of Jews who could have been killed during the holocaust is around 1.5 million and most of those deaths were caused by typhus. The Jews only starved because allied bombers destroyed German supply lines.
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Marvin Harrison Wano Nymous • a month ago
Your comment is the most ridiculous I have seen in a long time. Stop listening to white supremacists. Comments like this show they are not supreme. I researched some of your comments, and now ashamed I agree with some of them.
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Courageous woman questions mandatory Holocaust education in public schools, calls it a religious dogma that violates separation of Church (Synagogue) and State

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS  when people question what is perceived to be the “truth”; speaks for itself…


Mindweapons in Ragnarok

Denise over at White Tea Room found this one.

The lady is very courageous. Interestingly, two panelists, Philip Weiss and Jeffrey Blankfort, say that the schools should teach White guilt in all its myriad forms, including slavery guilt and Indian guilt. Blankfort bashes the Anne Frank and Elie Wiesel books.

A great example of the Family Argument upon which we can eavesdrop!

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