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Truth in Pursuit

The aim of scientific work is truth. While we internally recognise something as true, we judge, and while we utter judgements, we assert

Having visual impressions is, of course, necessary for seeing things, but it is not sufficient. What must be added is not anything sensible. And it is precisely this that unlocks the outer world for us; for without this non-sensible something, each of us would remain locked up in his inner world.


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‘Facts, facts, facts,’ cries the scientist if he wants to emphasize the necessity of a firm foundation for science. What is a fact? A fact is a thought that is true. But the scientist will surely not recognize something which depends on men’s varying states of mind to be the firm foundation of science.


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HEY talk of short-lived pleasure–be it so–
Pain dies as quickly: stem, hard-featured pain
Expires, and lets her weary prisoner go.
The fiercest agonies have shortest reign;
And after dreams of horror, comes again
The welcome morning with its rays of peace.
Oblivion, softly wiping out the stain,
Makes the strong secret pangs of shame to cease.
Remorse is virtue’s root; its fair increase
Are fruits of innocence and blessedness:
Thus joy, o’erborne and bound, doth still release
His young limbs from the chains that round him press.
Weep not that the world changes–did it keep
A stable changeless state, ’twere cause indeed to weep.

~ William Cullen Bryant


Please take a brief moment in time…to remember this most  rare and delicate man.   His thoughts were often enlivened by nature, his companion of most times.  He was elated by his surroundings.  There is something to be said…for those who are obliged  to simple beauty and decisive truth.  Romanticism holds its place in isolation, yet there is something to behold there…


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The Collision of Harmony and Chaos



Happened upon this site a small while back.  Actually…it somehow found me.   Ever am I so glad.  This is a beautiful blog.  You can tell Mellissa really appreciates the beauty and truth of and in the world.


Please take a moment to explore her beautiful site.  It is truly special.  Its quite obvious she is very passionate about life and takes it seriously…yet achieves a wonderful balance with the changing tides of nature.  It’s evident throughout her work.

True beauty cannot be hidden…as long as your eyes remain wide open.