Male Birth Control

Male Birth Control              <—-

Please give a moment or two to reflect on the implications of such things.  Many times we believe ourselves or those around us to be immune to perils.  But when one doesn’t truly engage in the self…many will be led astray.  The consequences have deep reaching potential.  Many things that seem one way on the outset, prove themselves to be otherwise.  Time is a good indicator of many things…but knowing how to quickly react when situations arise with accurate aim…this is the art of practicing intelligence.  Thought turns to action…actions destroy the world we created.

Truth is all around…yet sometimes we only see it peering into the gaze of death.



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If you are a woman who has gone to the gynecologist(or is planning to)…please READ THIS first

If you are a woman who has gone to the gynecologist(or is planning to)…please READ THIS first  <–


Imagine the lawsuits. The NHS has been pushing ALL women above a fixed age to have this exam.

“There is little in the literature relating to the issues surrounding reusable vaginal specula.”

Perhaps this is partially behind the soaring HPV rates?

“They concluded that HPV infected cells can be found on instruments inserted into the vagina of women with HPV infection, and that if these instruments are not cleaned and sterilized properly, they will be a potential source of infection for subsequent patients.”

HPV can cause cancer, btw.

“correct pasteurisation (immersion in water at 80 C for 5 minutes) would inactivate papillomaviruses, herpes viruses, and HIV.

That isn’t the same as clean. Are women told this? I’ve never heard of it. Uninformed consent. Bleeding is a “common” side effect of these exams, hence the HIV bolded.

“Although there is little in the literature regarding cross-infection from inadequately sterilized specula, we live in an increasingly litigious society. One strand in the defence against patient claims of cross infection from poorly decontaminated and sterilized instruments would be complete documentation of the process, including logbooks, written operating procedures, training records, test results and maintenance data. The other possibility is to use pre-sterilized disposable CE marked equipment from a reputable manufacturer. Either would make it more difficult for a patient to mount a successful legal claim.”



Motherhood, Balance and Numbers

Motherhood, Balance and Numbers              <——-

It is rare to come across articles that are so brilliantly put together encapsulating many notions at once in a cohesive and intelligent manner.  Many will write on the subject of motherhood and fail to grasp in the content the true implosion of what society is now imposing on the individual…on the whole.

-A world where being a true mother is no longer viable.

-A world where another’s “needs” take precedence over the delicate balance of what it means to be a woman and to bequeath this gift unto society.

-A world that without this important unit (mother) fails to properly function to the extent it was meant.


Nature is being taken for a fool and the only ones who will pay in the end, will be ourselves.

It belongs to the imperfection of everything human that man can only attain his desire by passing through its opposite.

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The War on men

The War on men

Reiterating a previous post…why blaming one side or the other is pointless.  When one side or the other becomes completely lopsided…EVERYONE pays!


P.S. While not a proponent of going to sites of people like (Alex Jones)…I still find the message to have more meaning than the source.

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Feminine Myth and Chivalry

We know what we are, but know not what we may be.


Chivalry is a word that in most will conjure an incredibly particular image.  Most commonly associated with the middle ages, “present-tense” has now completely thrown the etymology and context on its head. Due to society, its norms and contradictions…the meaning of chivalry has all but been lost.  In its place rose a notion of female “supposed superiority” and along with it…questions of what a woman’s biological purpose states within the world.  At no time, has it ever been more obvious than now… just how disproportionate the view of a woman towards our reality has become.  Gone are the days when one would sit and ponder this delicate balance between sensibility and our “reality”.  What it means to be a woman has completely been lost in this endless sea of tumult.  In its place has risen some of the most peculiar and blatant notions of what woman is and what she has to offer to the world.  The nature or biology of woman isn’t even taken into mild consideration when pondering these notions.  Chivalry is now a myth. The denunciation is not on one singular source or sex.  This has been a continuing cycle that will eventually lead to the demise of any civilization.  For when you take away what it means to be a woman(or a man)…you erase a vital part in the balance of nature and ultimately what it means to live and be loved.  The whole meaning of life takes on a new and disturbing precedence and the narcissism of society on the whole attains new pinnacles.  One might argue it becomes of greater facility to metamorphose into an egoist the more prevalent the advent of modernity.  This perhaps has an ultimate effect on chivalry and why it has become nullified in the present tense. 



“You know yourself what you are worth in your own eyes; and at what price you will sell yourself. For men sell themselves at various prices. This is why, when Florus was deliberating whether he should appear at Nero’s shows, taking part in the performance himself, Agrippinus replied, ‘Appear by all means.’ And when Florus inquired, ‘But why do not you appear?’ he answered, ‘Because I do not even consider the question.’ For the man who has once stooped to consider such questions, and to reckon up the value of external things, is not far from forgetting what manner of man he is.”
Epictetus, The Golden Sayings of Epictetus

***The following article is an extract from Ernst Belfort Bax’ famous book ‘The Fraud of Feminism’ published in 1913. It is a fascinating article that describes the reduction of ancient chivalry to a mere function of gynocentric culture. Perhaps most remarkable about it is that as you read, you will not find yourself so much transformed back to a different age with different modes of thought. But rather you will read observations and conclusions that will, word by word and line by line, be largely indistinguishable from what what you would see today from any critical thinker when offering a candid review of the essence of feminism. You will see repeated references to the same shaming tactics and methods of manipulating the masses we find ourselves discussing today.

Chapter V
The “Chivalry” Fake

Ernest B. Bax - 1913


It is plain then that chivalry as understood in the present day really spells sex privilege and sex favouritism pure and simple, and that any attempts to define the term on a larger basis, or to give it a colourable rationality founded on fact, are simply subterfuges, conscious or unconscious, on the part of those who put them forward. The etymology of the word chivalry is well known and obvious enough.

The term meant originally the virtues associated with knighthood considered as a whole, bravery even to the extent of reckless daring, loyalty to the chief or feudal superior, generosity to a fallen foe, general open-handedness, and open-heartedness, including, of course, the succour of the weak and the oppressed generally, inter alia, the female sex when in difficulties.

It would be idle, of course, to insist upon the historical definition of the term.

Language develops and words in course of time depart widely from their original connotation, so that etymology alone is seldom of much value in practically determining the definition of words in their application at the present day. But the fact is none the less worthy of note that only a fragment of the original connotation of the word chivalry is covered by the term as used in our time, and that even that fragment is torn from its original connection and is made to serve as a scarecrow in the field of public opinion to intimidate all who refuse to act upon, or who protest against, the privileges and immunities of the female sex. [1]

I have said that even that subsidiary element in the old original notion of chivalry which is now well-nigh the only surviving remnant of its original connotation is torn from its connection and hence has necessarily become radically changed in its meaning. From being part of a general code of manners enjoined upon a particular guild or profession it has been degraded to mean the exclusive right in one sex guaranteed by law and custom to certain advantages and exemptions without any corresponding responsibility.

Let us make no mistake about this. When the limelight of a little plain but critical common-sense is turned upon this notion of chivalry hitherto regarded as so sacrosanct, it is seen to be but a poor thing after all; and when men have acquired the habit of habitually turning the light of such criticism upon it, the accusation, so terrible in the present state of public opinion, of being “unchivalrous” will lose its terrors for them.

In the so-called ages of chivalry themselves it never meant, as it does to-day, the woman right or wrong. It never meant as it does to-day the general legal and social privilege of sex. It never meant a social defence or a legal exoneration for the bad and even the criminal woman, simply because she is a woman. It meant none of these things. All it meant was a voluntary or gratuitous personal service to the forlorn women which the members of the Knights’ guild among other such services, many of them taking precedence of this one, were supposed to perform.

So far as courage is concerned, which was perhaps the first of the chivalric virtues in the old days, it certainly requires more courage in our days to deal severely with a woman when she deserves it (as a man would be dealt with in like circumstances) than it does to back up a woman against her wicked male opponent.

It is a cheap thing, for example, in the case of a man and woman quarrelling in the street, to play out the stage rôle of the bold and gallant Englishman “who won’t see a woman maltreated and put upon, not he!” and this, of course, without any inquiry into the merits of the quarrel. To swim with the stream, to make a pretence of boldness and bravery, when all the time you know you have the backing of conventional public opinion and mob-force behind you, is the cheapest of mock heroics.

Chivalry today means the woman, right or wrong, just as patriotism today means “my country right or wrong.” In other words, chivalry today is only another name for Sentimental Feminism. Every outrageous pretension of Sentimental Feminism can be justified by the appeal to chivalry, which amounts (to use the German expression) to an appeal from Pontius to Pilate. This Sentimental Feminism commonly called chivalry is sometimes impudently dubbed by its votaries, “manliness.”

It will presumably continue in its practical effects until a sufficient minority of sensible men will have the moral courage to beard a Feminist in public opinion and shed a little of this sort of “manliness.” The plucky Welshmen at Llandystwmdwy in their dealings with the suffragette rowdies on memorable occasion showed themselves capable of doing this. In fact one good effect generally of militant suffragetteism seems to be the weakening of the notion of chivalry – i.e. in its modern sense of Sentimental Feminism – amongst the populace of this country.

The combination of Sentimental Feminism with its invocation of the old-world sentiment of chivalry which was based essentially on the assumption of the mental, moral and physical inferiority of woman to man, for its justification, with the pretensions of modern Political Feminism, is simply grotesque in its inconsistent absurdity. In this way Modern Feminism would fain achieve the feat of eating its cake and having it too. When political and economic rights are in question, bien entendu, such as involve gain and social standing, the assumption of inferiority magically disappears before the strident assertion of the dogma of the equality of woman with man – her mental and moral equality certainly!

When, however, the question is of a different character – for example, for the relieving of some vile female criminal of the penalty of her misdeeds – then Sentimental Feminism comes into play, then the whole plaidoyer is based on the chivalric sentiment of deference and consideration for poor, weak woman. I may point out that here, if it be in the least degree logical, the plea for mercy or immunity can hardly be based on any other consideration than that of an intrinsic moral weakness in view of which the offence is to be condoned.

The plea of physical weakness, if such be entertained, is here in most cases purely irrelevant. Thus, as regards the commutation of the death sentence, the question of the muscular strength or weakness of the condemned person does not come in at all. The same applies, mutatis mutandis, to many other forms of criminal punishment. But it must not be forgotten that there are two aspects of physical strength or weakness. There is, as we have already pointed out, the muscular aspect and the constitutional aspect.

If we concede the female sex as essentially and inherently weaker in muscular power and development than the male, this by no means involves the assumption that woman is constitutionally weaker than man. On the contrary, it is a known fact attested, as far as I am aware, by all physiologists, no less than by common observation, that the constitutional toughness and power of endurance of woman in general far exceeds that of man, as explained in an earlier chapter.

Be this as it may, however, the existence of this greater constitutional strength or resistant power in the female than in the male organic system – as crucially instanced by the markedly greater death-rate of boys than of girls in infancy and early childhood – should, in respect of severity of punishment, prison treatment, etc., be a strong counter-argument against the plea for leniency, or immunity in the case of female criminals, made by the advocates of Sentimental Feminism.

But these considerations afford only one more illustration of the utter irrationality of the whole movement of Sentimental Feminism identified with the notion of “chivalry.” For the rest, we may find illustrations of this galore. A very flagrant case is that infamous “rule of the sea” which came so much into prominence at the time of the Titanic disaster. According to this preposterous “chivalric” Feminism, in the case of a ship foundering, it is the unwritten law of the seas, not that the passengers shall leave the ship and be rescued in their order as they come, but that the whole female portion shall have the right of being rescued before any man is allowed to leave the ship. Now this abominable piece of sex favouritism, on the face of it, cries aloud in its irrational injustice.

Here is no question of bodily strength or weakness, either muscular or constitutional. In this respect, for the nonce, all are on a level. But it is a case of life itself. A number of poor wretches are doomed to a watery grave, simply and solely because they have not had the luck to be born of the privileged female sex.

Such is “chivalry” as understood to-day – the deprivation, the robbery from men of the most elementary personal rights in order to endow women with privileges at the expense of men. During the ages of chivalry and for long after it was not so. Law and custom then was the same for men as for women in its incidence. To quote the familiar proverb in a slightly altered form, then – “what was sauce for the gander was sauce for the goose.” Not until the nineteenth century did this state of things change. Then for the first time the law began to respect persons and to distinguish in favour of sex.

Even taking the matter on the conventional ground of weakness and granting, for the sake of argument, the relative muscular weakness of the female as ground for her being allowed the immunity claimed by Modern Feminists of the sentimental school, the distinction is altogether lost sight of between weakness as such and aggressive weakness. Now I submit there is a very considerable difference between what is due to weakness that is harmless and unprovocative, and weakness that is aggressive, still more when this aggressive weakness presumes on itself as weakness, and on the consideration extended to it, in order to become tyrannical and oppressive.

Weakness as such assuredly deserves all consideration, but aggressive weakness deserves none save to be crushed beneath the iron heel of strength. Woman at the present day has been encouraged by a Feminist public opinion to become meanly aggressive under the protection of her weakness. She has been encouraged to forge her gift of weakness into a weapon of tyranny against man, unwitting that in so doing she has deprived her weakness of all just claim to consideration or even to toleration.


1. One among many apposite cases, which has occurred recently, was protested against in a letter to The Daily Telegraph, 21st March 1913, in which it was pointed out that while a suffragette got a few months’ imprisonment in the second division for wilfully setting fire to the pavilion in Kew Gardens, a few days previously, at the Lewes Assizes, a man had been sentenced to five years’ penal servitude for burning a rick!!

***Note:  The Above article is courtesy the “Gynocentrism and its origins” blog if you wish to read more the address is:

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ON MOTHERHOOD…and its direct effect on Society (PART I)


“Our life always expresses the result of our dominant thoughts.”

Soren Kierkegaard

If the above quote bears any resemblance to reality and to mothers today…  we are in serious trouble concerning the future of society.


It is a rare thought in todays society that when it is decided to create a life…just what this will mean for generation after generation.  Not just for what this means in the future, but also what it has meant in the past.

The more I look around me…the more I become afraid for the future of society.  For my children, for my children’s children, etc.  I feel a good amount of guilt as well.  For what was once, has past and what generation after generation had so painstakingly fought to preserve has all but mostly died.  If one can then be honest with oneself, they have even played a role in this(willingly or not).  Everything our ancestors fought for, has been all but lost.  Our instincts have become almost null.  One of the most important of these instincts, that of being a real mother is fighting a losing battle in todays society.  Everything that was once thought as logic is now being referred to as “old fashioned”.  A term that bears a negative connotation to most.  No longer do we respect our ancestors thoughts, nor give thoughts to their actions.  This is to our ultimate detriment.  Its not just the immediate effects that it has, but the domino-like affect it will have on your own family for so many future generations to come.  The ultimate demise of what it truly means  to think and act like a mother, to actually BE a mother.


If one can truly be honest with themselves, they realize that life has infinitely deeper meaning than those things that directly affect only us.  We have a deeper spirit that lives in unison with ours, it is us we are that.  This spirit is mother nature.   Mother nature will take and it will give.  More importantly, we have been taking far more than what we have given.  Our myopia has affected us so greatly, that we no longer see how everything in the world is connected to this mother nature and how everything works as a unit.  We are but a microcosm in this universe filled with life.  Every little part plays a role.  Without one or the other, things cannot function to the benefit of the other.  When we begin to put our needs above those of mother nature…this delicate balance becomes interrupted.  Than comes destruction.  But not only destruction of the things around us (in nature)  it is ultimately a destruction to ourselves.  Every time we take a little bit more, we kill a larger part of ourselves.  Ultimately, this can have true catastrophic effects to the whole that is society.


When you begin to embark on the journey that is motherhood, few really realize just what an important event this is.  It is not just about a life in this world, or a life that is connected to you.  It is also a time when an opportunity is born.  This opportunity is of greater proportions than most can quantify.  The opportunity I speak of is that of being able to bring a change in the course of time.  Many may argue that time cannot be altered.  That is, what is past is gone.  All that we have done wrong cannot be redone.  But, there could be no greater untruth.  Especially when trying to right what was wrong in this life, in your life.  Through our actions, we have failed many a time.  But motherhood is chance.  It is a time when chance can directly change our future, your future.

There is a connection we bear with our ancestors and no matter what you believe or how you believe it…there Is no denying this connection.  Whether it be in soil or in blood.  Whether it is in written form or that which is passed on through genetics.  We cannot deny that our ancestors are in us and we are them.  This is a continuous cycle.  When you decide to become a mother.  When you plan on giving birth…you are truly giving birth to your ancestors.  Few realize just how powerful this is.  Few realize what this power holds for the future.  For the future of the world.  You as an individual hold this power through your thoughts, thoughts alone.  These thoughts than give fruit to action.  This action then takes form.  Ultimately a child is born.  It is a child, but it is also so much bigger than that.  It is a life form that holds the keys to make or break the world.

When a mother and father decide to get together, most thoughts are not given to this cycle that ultimately affects this dangerous balance with mother nature.  When a father has certain genetics and a mother also her own, these genetics combine in a way that will affect the world!   This is such a powerful gift.  But, genetics are now destroying society.  Mother and father are no longer taking into consideration just what their genetics can do.  Most do not sit down to even consider the scientific implications, let alone the implications this can bear on mother nature and her gifts.

Lets face it, it is not necessarily pleasant to think on the more negative aspects of life.  Most people will truly try to avoid such thoughts.  Its not comfortable to sit and have a conversation with your partner about what genetic anomalies lie in their making; in their prior generations make-up.  Its not comfortable to sit and admit to yourself let alone, all the flaws that you may posses.  More than likely, most of these flaws were also your parents flaws and their parents, as so on.  It is by no mistake that you are who you are.  And trust the apparent facts, it will be NO mistake when you give life and they become who they will be.  These things will be decided, whether you consider them or not.  What your child will look like.  What traits your child will inherit be they in blood, in character and in action.  What course the world will take.  This power is in your hands.  This is what motherhood is.  These are the implicit actions that will take place after you cease to exist.  These traits are not just from you, they were developed for you.  They were developed for you through careful thoughts from generations past.  Every generation has lost a bigger piece of connection to that which came before.  Every generation is losing the wisdom that was fought for so dearly.  You are ultimately deciding how much more will be lost.  You, as a mother as the guiding force of nature.



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