The Hitler Speech They Don’t Want You to Hear

Once and again…historical revisionism is,  simply put:

A logical inference which only strengthens the nascent and growing seed that leads to finding some kind of truth in form. 

Don’t claim you know, or understand whence you have not even taken the valuable time to hear many angles and test them under the strong hand of fact and logic.



I always found it funny how we saw 10 second clips of Hitler’s speeches in German at school but were never allowed to read the translations. Literally, not once. We’ve all seen the same angry German stereotype clip a hundred times, but does anyone know what he was talking about? Is that not propaganda? He […]

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So cowards fight when they can fly no further; As doves do peck the falcon’s piercing talons; So desperate thieves, all hopeless of their lives, Breathe out invectives ‘gainst the officers.

The powerful retractile talons of the falcon- and the cat-tribes have not been produced or increased by the volition of those animals; but among the different varieties which occurred in the earlier and less highly organized forms of these groups, those always survived longest which had the greatest facilities for seizing their prey. Neither did the giraffe acquire its long neck by desiring to reach the foliage of the more lofty shrubs, and constantly stretching its neck for the purpose, but because any varieties which occurred among its antitypes with a longer neck than usual at once secured a fresh range of pasture over the same ground as their shorter-necked companions, and on the first scarcity of food were thereby enabled to outlive them. […] We believe we have now shown that there is a tendency in nature to the continued progression of certain classes of varieties further and further from the original type – a progression to which there appears no reason to assign any definite limits – and that the same principle which produces this result in a state of nature will also explain why domestic varieties have a tendency to revert to the original type. This progression, by minute steps, in various directions, but always checked and balanced by the necessary conditions, subject to which alone existence can be preserved, may, it is believed, be followed out so as to agree with all the phenomena presented by organized beings, their extinction and succession in past ages, and all the extraordinary modifications of form, instinct, and habits which they exhibit.

alfred russel wallace: “On the Tendency of Varieties to Depart Indefinitely From the Original Type” (1858)

Tender Talons

My mind rebels at stagnation.   Give me problems, give me work, give me the most abstruse cryptogram, or the most intricate analysis, and I am in my own proper atmosphere.  But I abhor the dull routine of existence.   I crave for mental exaltation.



Chance is often defined as the opposite of Necessity. The English word derives from the Latin cadere – to fall, especially cadens a fall, falling.Dictionary definitions refer to the fall of the dice, but the etymology suggests it is related to the grammatical idea of declension, which describes the falling or “leaning” away of the genitive, dative, and accusative cases from the “straight up” nominative case. The word connotes falling in the sense of decadence. Note the German for chance is Zufall.
Leucippus (440 B.C.E.) stated the first dogma of determinism, an absolute necessity.

Nothing occurs by chance (maton), but there is a reason (logos) and necessity (ananke) for everything.

The first thinker to suggest a physical explanation for chance in the universe was Epicurus. Epicurus was influenced strongly by Aristotle, who regarded chance as a fifth cause. He said there must be cases in which the normally straight paths of atoms in the universe occasionally bend a little and the atoms “swerve” to prevent the universe and ourselves from being completely determined by the mechanical laws of Democritus.

Despite abundant evidence, many philosophers deny that real chance exists. If a single event is determined by chance, then indeterminism would be true, they say, and undermine the very possibility of certain knowledge. Some go to the extreme of saying that chance makes the state of the world totally independent of any earlier states, which is nonsense, but it shows how anxious they are about chance.
The Stoic Chrysippus (200 B.C.E.) said that a single uncaused cause could destroy the universe (cosmos), a concern shared by some modern philosophers, for whom reason itself would fail.

Everything that happens is followed by something else which depends on it by causal necessity. Likewise, everything that happens is preceded by something with which it is causally connected. For nothing exists or has come into being in the cosmos without a cause. The universe will be disrupted and disintegrate into pieces and cease to be a unity functioning as a single system, if any uncaused movement is introduced into it.

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Struggle and the Bloodline: Burning from the Inside


The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe.  If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened.  But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.





The Americans’ ‘open-mindedness’, which is sometimes cited in their favor, is the other side of their interior formlessness. The same goes for their ‘individualism’. Individualism and personality are not the same: the one belongs to the formless world of quantity, the other to the world of quality and hierarchy. The Americans are the living refutation of the Cartesian axiom, ‘I think, therefore I am’: Americans do not think, yet they are. The American ‘mind’, puerile and primitive, lacks characteristic form and is therefore open to every kind of standardization.

Julius Evola


Coffee makes us severe, and grave, and philosophical.

A fig for partridges and quails,
ye dainties I know nothing of ye;
But on the highest mount in Wales
Would choose in peace to drink my coffee.

~Jonathon Swift

Do you also enjoy a good cup of coffee?  Well, then you are in good company here!

Both the writer of this web site and its main composer Beethoven are respectively were passionate coffee drinkers.   While the otherwise not very “domestic’ Rhinelander, according to reports by some of his contemporaries, was supposed to have grinded his own coffee beans and to carefully have counted out sixty! beans per cup for this purpose, not long after the Turks had brought coffee to Vienna during their storm at the Austrian capital in 1683,  namely only two years after, in 1685, coffee also made its first appearance in the laater realm of Thomas Cantor Bach, namely in Leipzig.

In order for me to be able to report more details of this, I am very pleased that, by a fortunate coincidence, I came across a delightful little booklet by Hans-Joachim Schulze (the Director of the Leipzig Bach Archive) entitled Ey! wie schmeckt der Coffee süße from the year 1985.  Readers of the creation history of the St. Matthew Passion might remembers that it was Professor Schulze who was so kind as to provide me with details with respect to the year 1727 as the year of the premiere of this work.  In his booklet that was probably published for the Bach year 1985, he writes:

“.  .  .  1685 war für die Messemetropole Leipzig in mehrfacher Hinsicht ein Schicksalsjahr.  Nicht nur wurde im fernen Eisenach dem Stadtpfeifer Johann Ambrosius Bach ein achtes Kind beschert, das auf den Namen Johann Sebastian hörte (wenn es dazu aufgelegt war) und Jahrzehnte später dem Leipziger Rat, der Kirchenbehörde, den Ratsmusikern und den Chorschülern aus allerdings unterschiedlichen Gründen manches Kopfzerbrechen bereitete – 1685 soll auch die Geburtsstunde des ersten Leipziger Kaffeehauses geschlagen haben, des noch heute florierenden Lokals “Zum arabischen Coffee-Baum” (Schulze: 6 – 7; Professor Schulze reports here that 1685 was a fateful year for the trading center Leipzig in may ways.  Not only was there born in the remote Eisenach, to the town piper Ambrosius Bach, his eigth child who answered to the name of Johann Sebastian (if he was in the mood for it) and who would, decades later, cause much trouble for Leipzig’s town council, the church authorities, the town musicians and choir pupils, albeit, due to quite different reasons–1685 was also supposed to be the year of the opening of the first Leipzig Coffee house that still flourishes today, “Zum arabischen Coffee-Baum” [to the Arabian Coffee Tree]).

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Originality in Face: “Send me the article beforehand, don’t forget, and try and let it be free from nonsense. Facts, facts, facts. And above all, let it be short. Good-bye.”

“He could do nothing but twist his moustache, drink, and chatter the most inept nonsense that can possibly be imagined.”

Please listen whilst you read on :

Originality in form is beginning to take a corner of sharp intention in face.  Nature is no longer written in the blood.  This becomes ever more apparent in the deluge of faces that speak naught.  It is not a mere glint or a flicker of navy in the eye.  It is not a moustache of pomp or a beard of grace.  We have entered into the abyss from which we are so far removed. From our own standing precipices we look up into the drowning sky.  We must oblige mere acts of stage in order to gain some semblance of a now lost level of character.  It can only be described now in these times as an errand in ineffectuality.

“Listen, Stavrogin: to level the mountains is a good idea, not a ridiculous one. I’m for Shigalyov! No need for education, enough of science! There’s sufficient material even without science for a thousand years to come, but obedience must be set up. Only one thing is lacking in the world: obedience. The thirst for education is already an aristocratic thirst. As soon as there’s just a tiny bit of family or love, there’s a desire for property. We’ll extinguish desire: we’ll get drinking, gossip, denunciation going; we’ll get unheard-of depravity going; we’ll stifle every genius in infancy. Everything reduced to a common denominator, complete equality. ‘We’ve learned a trade, and we’re honest people, we don’t need anything else’–that was the recent response of the English workers. Only the necessary is necessary–henceforth that is the motto of the whole globe. But there is also a need for convulsion; this will be taken care of by us, the rulers. Slaves must have rulers. Complete obedience, complete impersonality, but once every thirty years Shigalyov gets a convulsion going, and they all suddenly start devouring each other, up to a certain point, simply so as not to be bored. Boredom is an aristocratic sensation; in Shigalyovism there will be no desires. Desire and suffering are for us.”

What allotments are these, that we have now engaged on play in play with no name beings…thin yet not clear and fleeting in form.

What feelings are these that escape in these moments, never to be found for most is now lost.  Every second…the soul fragments are led most remotely into the void.  We forgo privately for the illusions of what may be.  Never to escape the thought, that nothing ever is. 

“in the newspapers I read a biography about an American. He left his whole huge fortune to factories and for the positive sciences, his skeleton to the students at the academy there, and his skin to make a drum so as to have the American national anthem drummed on it day and night.”

There is life in these faces…there is grief behind the eyes.  There is longing in the soul.  The markers of human feeling written quite plainly in the visage.


Please consider a moment in time to reflect on all that was lost…the remaining fragments of soul which remain and the in-between illusions to justify reason for unoriginality in form. What manifests itself in the soul…what cannot be touched, cannot be hidden to the outside world for those who choose to see.

I hunt for the lot, for I am nothing.

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USA Obsession with the depraved…

USA Obsession with the depraved…                    <—–


Make a choice in what kind of country your child is going to live

In a slave colony for the western homosexuals and pedophiles


In a superpower, never conquered by anyone

“Be proud of your ancestors!”



Male Birth Control

Male Birth Control              <—-

Please give a moment or two to reflect on the implications of such things.  Many times we believe ourselves or those around us to be immune to perils.  But when one doesn’t truly engage in the self…many will be led astray.  The consequences have deep reaching potential.  Many things that seem one way on the outset, prove themselves to be otherwise.  Time is a good indicator of many things…but knowing how to quickly react when situations arise with accurate aim…this is the art of practicing intelligence.  Thought turns to action…actions destroy the world we created.

Truth is all around…yet sometimes we only see it peering into the gaze of death.



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