The Collision of Harmony and Chaos



Happened upon this site a small while back.  Actually…it somehow found me.   Ever am I so glad.  This is a beautiful blog.  You can tell Mellissa really appreciates the beauty and truth of and in the world.


Please take a moment to explore her beautiful site.  It is truly special.  Its quite obvious she is very passionate about life and takes it seriously…yet achieves a wonderful balance with the changing tides of nature.  It’s evident throughout her work.

True beauty cannot be hidden…as long as your eyes remain wide open.



Why Blog on things like archaeology?

Why Blog on things like archaeology?      <——

Found this quite inspiring.  There are many people out there constantly working on their precious time to demystify flawed “facts” in the great sea of lies.  The least we can do is offer them some of our reading time and beyond that, perhaps a thought or two deeper…


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