Amuse-Bouche : Piece I




File:Gerard van Honthorst - lviv gallery2.jpg

This series aspires to give bite size knowledge of lesser known instruments, their sound and the musicians whom are enkindled by these extensions of the unadulterated gods.  The sounds of which are most authentic, are those which are heard in the first and in the last…  Eyes sealed, bouche fermer, ears primed for the heavens.

Disconnect yourself from the known and take a bite of truest sound(your delectable amuse-bouche)…

that of the Viola da Gamba and Theorbo:

Flow my tears…what artistry before my eyes I have seen:



…And for your hearing pleasures:


Karl Friedrich Abel:

Tobias Hume:

Le Sieur de Machy:


Etienne Le Moine:


Esais Reusner:


Bellerofonte Castaldi:



Keep your appetites ravenous and ripe for the next amuse tasting, in Piece II…!!!


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