Paths of Perspicacity


Sometimes wavelengths that have waited long to travel…

Finally meet.     But in unexpected ways.  Sometimes the old world, meets with the present world and suddenly you find yourself facing someone you loved in a new form.  Is it possible to find your old love and your new love coexisting in the same world…in two separate forms.  One being…two separate forms.

Love in of itself has intrigued the whole of man from whence can be recalled.  Regardless of his preoccupation to find principle in it.  Thus are things that are undefinable.  The intangible, the other worldly tends to find an audience quite quickly…but it is only after the performance has come to an end, if one can withstand the performance. That one can finally see the beginning of something very true.  The possibility which lays before their eyes in all its splendor.  When two worlds come together…they coexist yet are separate.  They fill the same plane yet may gambol to another.  This is where the contour becomes blurred between the old and the new.  It completely innovates itself into an unrecognizable form…surpassing even the greatest of imaginations.  Truth becomes irrelevant because it just is.  Many paths we endeavor…may never lead us to finding love.

Yet, if one can truly feel the outer world, that one that escapes form and logic.  The one that escapes truth because it is just that… truth.  Thus starts the possibility to begin in the old, starting in the new.  Then the line starts to blur and you begin to see more clearly than ever…that which faces you; the possibility of what displays itself unto us, beyond what was once fathomed.  The plausibility that love is not a construct of the self…but just is.

Bloom in truth.

The spirit of beautiful otherness.


All Rights Reserved © mmartel∞

Author: mmartel

"If he's honest, he'll steal; if he's human, he'll murder; if he's faithful, he'll deceive. Being at a loss to resolve these questions, I am resolved to leave them without any resolution." I have so much to say to you that I am afraid I shall tell you nothing."

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