Cico Buff

Probably one of the most underrated bands of all time. Dig more and ye shall find…

The originality is mind boggling. Many will replicate, few will be the prototype.

Author: mmartel

"If he's honest, he'll steal; if he's human, he'll murder; if he's faithful, he'll deceive. Being at a loss to resolve these questions, I am resolved to leave them without any resolution." I have so much to say to you that I am afraid I shall tell you nothing."

7 thoughts on “Cico Buff”

    1. I have heard Cocteau up and down and still haven’t discovered all its beauty. Yes, in short I have. They are simply brilliant! Thank you for the comment, anyone who tends to like Cocteau Twins is good in my book 🙂

      1. Yes, it was good work. Though I tend not to favor any one album as they have brilliant pieces through the spectrum.

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