STATELESS: Paralysis in Form

Stateless, it is a form without a form.  It is a feeling deprived of feeling.  It is a place without a connection.  If you have ever began the journey into this place…stateless, it has an undeniable presence of nothing.  Who could have imagined that nothingness bore such a heavy weight.  A weight more unwielding than the lightness of being.  In this present state in which we lay…stateless is a palpability touching our being.  Its prevalence is felt in a most peculiar way.  We have adapted as humans not able to even recognize this state of nothingness.  We fill the void, but the hole becomes an endless chasm.  Then, it engulfs the last trappings of your soul…and truly leaves you stateless in every measure likely.  Likened to a walking specter…but fails to be detected by anything alive in this universe.  You cannot touch…you cannot fathom what it is to exist, to be alive.  This is the present state of many people around us.  Though deceivingly on the surface, many will seem to have a state, it is nothing but contrivances.  For they have become nothingness and it has consumed them.  This vacuum is all around you and takes on multiple “states of betrayal”.  First, it takes your attention by presenting you with tangible forms of allure.  On the outset, it may appear to be something it is not…truth in beauty, truth of nature.  Then, when you take your first breath…your first touch; then the poison of nothing begins to enrapture you.  The more you stare, the more you touch…the more intoxicating the venom.  In this mirage of what you want to see, you are beckoned into nothingness.  With a pull further away from your innocence and true natural purity , you are stripped of your belief.  All your dreams start to shatter…as your soul begins the same descent.  As you take your last breath…the last vestiges of your nature beckon you home.  Will you listen…or be drawn into nothingness with all those souls that surround you?



Blistering, so bright
Re-align my core
Lenses open wide
Coming into form
The imprint of a life

Too late you’re calling out my name
To raise me up out of my grave
Alive in memory I’ll stay
If you shun these waters where I lay

Curtains coming down
Into the shade I stray
Losing all I’ve found
To my own dismay
My season has come to an end

Too late you’re calling out my name
To raise me up out of my grave
Alive in memory I’ll stay
If you shun these waters where I lay

Leave me to rest
Too drained to rise
To try to detect
Any light at the end of the tunnel…


All Right Reserved © mmartel∞

Author: mmartel

"If he's honest, he'll steal; if he's human, he'll murder; if he's faithful, he'll deceive. Being at a loss to resolve these questions, I am resolved to leave them without any resolution." I have so much to say to you that I am afraid I shall tell you nothing."

One thought on “STATELESS: Paralysis in Form”

  1. I think that it is, or can be a paradox. You can find your way up on the descent of mankind. However, one must know oneself very well. It is surely similar to walking into the bear’s cave. Be strong, and make it out a new and better person. It seems that Zeus towards Prometheus contains many if not all of the modern trappings. We have to suffer and see our way through our conniving. For better of for worse, it means that Zeus(or whatever you want to equate this to) has tricked us as well. As we stand, it is trick upon trick. For sure we have to see ourselves through. This is where I think Heracles comes in, ie the hero who takes on the labours I restores order. Of course Prometheus must be reminded of his wrong doings. This sort of metaphor is found in the Arthurian venacular as well. It may be counter-inuitive, but still, we have to do it.

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