Communists vs. “Reactionary Underground” in Stalinist Poland

Communists vs. “Reactionary Underground” in Stalinist Poland

Zolnierze Armii Krajowej

In post-World War II Poland, the Office of State Security (UB or ‘the Office’) focused its attention to what was called the “reactionary underground.” The Communists, who ran the Provisional Government, struggled with the opposition. It was the armed resistance, however, that was the Provisional Government’s hated rival.

Communists fight Home Army in Polish “civil war”

From 1944 to 1947, the political balance of power placed the Communist regime at a disadvantage. In mid-1944 the Home Army (AK), which felt the government-in-exile in London was the true ruling force in Poland, numbered between 250,000 and 300,000 soldiers. The Peasant Battalion, which often worked in concert with the AK, had about 158,000 men. The Communist-led People’s Guard claimed a very inflated figure of 40,000. The Soviet Red Army in Poland helped balance affairs for the Communists’ side, but even their commanding presence could not prevent a lengthy and violent struggle that…

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