Psychological Projection…beware of “the station of attachment to external means”


“…a friend of mankind with shaky moral foundation is a cannibal of mankind, to say nothing of his vainglory; insult the vainglory of one of these numberless friends of mankind, and he is ready at once to set fire to the four corners of the world out of petty vengeance” ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Idiot

It is the ultimate tool used in modernity.  The negative transfer of one’s feeling and perception onto another.  In this day and age, the instances are replete.  A special tool used by those who possess the power to trick another’s mind into believing something exists where it did not.  It would then be strange to think of such a thing as anything but a tool of survival in times past. It was not initially meant to be used solely for fallacious purposes.  Evolutionary psychology tells us that one adapts their behavior according to the environment in which it is presented and what  has already existed in our blood (genetics) through time. Take present society and its current trends in narcissism.  Now imagine this society and the kind of projections going on.  When one becomes so involved in their own world, it creates an inevitable myopic view. The “worlds” which one begins to create may have no base in current reality.  Any grievous thought, feeling then becomes a weight too heavy for one to bear.  Hereafter, comfort creatures we are…vainglory and all.    What then is created from these feelings that cannot be kept?  They become the mechanism of the despot.  The ultimate panacea for a world where thinking too surely is a strange transgression.  It is much easier to place the onus on another than to bear the gravity companionless.

Some may argue that it is a form of self-preservation, a form of protection from psychological maladies that one must cast aside.  Some may even project onto people who are already carrying some form of these burdens.  Thus it becomes easier for the manipulator to attack subconsciously.  The agent of falsity taking a real part of who you are and twisting your own thoughts so that you cannot discern for yourself the reality.  It is an environment where danger becomes real, but it only exists in your mind.  Therein is where the danger lies.  Thus, intuition or the discerning of these kinds of instabilities is of the utmost importance.  Knowing firmly where and what one believes enters the camouflage that may save you.

What’s more is that projection cannot identify unless it has a society that identifies with it.  This is the operative sense.  Unless we find some commonality in that projection, we don’t necessarily identify or internalize it.  This is a powerful notion, we have the ability to identify with these lies. We have the power to take that projection and make it our own. War is a good example of this.  There is an identification on both sides that one cannot peacefully reach an agreement.  Pacification is a fleeting remedy. It is the identity in this shared hatred, no matter how identical it actually might be…that fuels the ultimate fires of projection and create” identity wars”.

Today’s society has bred a world where narcissism is ever more real.  With the advent of modernity, the call of projection has rang louder than ever.  It has come far from a tool of survival to a means of not having to bear the weight of one’s own problems.  The eventual victim-mentality contraption.  Why face the deformed reality we see reflected when it can be pitched in the direction of another?  Any form bearing the resemblance of responsibility must be tossed in the farthest direction.  We can no longer deal with our own predicaments as it is always someone or something else’s failing.  Sometimes reality is the farthest thing from what we see and feel.  When presented with glimmers of it, we no longer hold the keys to understanding what to do with it.  We have come such a long way from what once was, farther away from ourselves and our sensitivities.  We can no longer see what we are and are not.  Society breeds this virus, modernity breeds this institution.  It is the institution of self that bears no resemblance to THE SELF.  We become our lies and our lies become us.  We project these lies and others internalize this falsity.  This is the current state and it is becoming much more habitual with each passing facet of modernity.  The constructs which we have built to reanimate life have ultimately become the projections with which we kill our private selves.

“Sometimes, “wisdom” must be mocked in order for new realities to be born. ”

“to feed upon the acorns and grass of knowledge and for the sake of truth to suffer hunger of the soul”



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Author: mmartel

"If he's honest, he'll steal; if he's human, he'll murder; if he's faithful, he'll deceive. Being at a loss to resolve these questions, I am resolved to leave them without any resolution." I have so much to say to you that I am afraid I shall tell you nothing."

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