This is special article with a certain person in mind who wanted to know more of genetics…a good starting point

The genome of history:


A very unconventional take on the human genome.  Take special time to consider what this means or hasn’t meant.  As always…never read one article and think you have adjusted your view.  Always question WHY and more importantly what that WHY elicits and the journey that may lie ahead.

Author: mmartel

"If he's honest, he'll steal; if he's human, he'll murder; if he's faithful, he'll deceive. Being at a loss to resolve these questions, I am resolved to leave them without any resolution." I have so much to say to you that I am afraid I shall tell you nothing."

2 thoughts on “This is special article with a certain person in mind who wanted to know more of genetics…a good starting point”

  1. Race, and human genomics in general, is one of those subjects that has had so many lies piled upon it that it becomes incomprehensible to most. The average person is forced to rely on his intuition to make any sort of sense out of the mess.

    At the very least, it is refreshing to see someone attempt a rational approach towards it.

    1. Absolutely. This is precisely why I linked it. That and I had someone in particular in mind. I have always had an extreme fascination with genetics, but I never took anything I have studied over the years as fact. I try to ask the question why constantly and challenge my beliefs as well. I have used my intuition to lead me a lot through life…it has never failed me. Also…this same intuition in turn has helped me weed out some of the “nonsense” in people’s “logic”.

      Particularly of interest is the phenomena known as a chimera. Look into it if you aren’t familiar. Its quite interesting. Anyhow…thank you for your thoughts on the subject 🙂 .

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