Courageous woman questions mandatory Holocaust education in public schools, calls it a religious dogma that violates separation of Church (Synagogue) and State

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS  when people question what is perceived to be the “truth”; speaks for itself…


Author: mmartel

"If he's honest, he'll steal; if he's human, he'll murder; if he's faithful, he'll deceive. Being at a loss to resolve these questions, I am resolved to leave them without any resolution." I have so much to say to you that I am afraid I shall tell you nothing."

2 thoughts on “Courageous woman questions mandatory Holocaust education in public schools, calls it a religious dogma that violates separation of Church (Synagogue) and State”

  1. If I am interpreting this correctly….

    A well spoken and considerate lady whose father and grandfather probably served the Jews in both world wars calmly states a claim backed by well documented evidence that International Jewry declared a permanent war on Germany on March 24, 1933 and that Germany in return mildly protested by having a single day boycott a week later. Discordant with established belief, she then criticizes the mandatory teaching of the Holocaust in public schools paid for goyim taxpayers. She is not questioning the legitimacy or facts of the Holocaust, she is only correctly claiming that teaching the Holocaust as a quasi-religious doctrine is a violation of the American doctrine of Separation of Church (Synagogue) and State and feels that it should not be taught in school. She is not making any racist or politically insensitive remarks or suggestions. She correctly recalls the chronology of the creation of Zionism (1896) and the creation of National Socialism (1919) as a reaction to the decline in moral values in Weimar Germany and the growing power of Bolshevism and the disproportionate amount of Jews involved in it’s creation and spread across Europe. She is then interrupted by one of the members of the tribe (whose ancestors are responsible for the historical undermining of European societies) because he disagrees with her ideas in contrary with the “open debate” that is supposed to be taking place. One of them says that the Jews united under Zionism because of their treatment by the “Nazis”, which in historical reality consisted of an orderly and peaceful deportation of a subversive people from their country. The next one, a Jewish teacher, dodges her question and instead says that Whites should not only be ashamed of the Holocaust lie but also their treatment of the Native Americans and blacks slaves who were brought to America by Jewish slaveowners. He then interestingly adds truthfully that there is only a certain viewpoint on the Holocaust that is allowed to be taught in the schools and that Zionist collaboration with the National Socialists is completely omitted. At this point, we see a bit of tribal infighting when the other olive-skinned Jew exclaims in a typical genetically driven fit of rage that no other opinions of the Holocaust should be allowed and that historical truths should be suppressed for purposes of a global world-wide Zionist conspiracy. Another Jew chimes in in agreement that the Holocaust should be viewed from an absolutist point of view and then in complete irrelevance extols the literary excellence of the proven hoax that is the Anne Frank Diaries. The Jew goes on to say that the West is “in debt” to the Jews because of the Jew Holohoax fabrication, even after they had stolen the land from the Palestinians with Western backing, and that now the West owes the Palestinians because of the genocidal Jewish expansionist wars that have perpetrated against them. The original lady in question is clearly agitated by their ignorance and angrily starts yelling about a real Holocaust: the 1945 Dresden firebombing atrocity that killed an estimated 500,000 innocent Germans by some claims, and is only then dismissed because of the “constraints” of time.

    Clearly, real historical injustices are not worth the topic of debate and can be appropriately ignored, whether convenient time restrictions apply or not.

  2. Yes, Yes. Once again, logic does not come into play. Mainstream ideals always take precedence and more importantly all FACTS that do not go along with their version of reality are completely refuted. Welcome to America and really, well…western society. The place where FACTS nor REASON or LOGIC bear not even a passing glance on the way down the deepest and most depraved rabbit hole.

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