The ability to think for Oneself…

This is such a grand topic that it is hard to even begin to understand how to speak on it.  Let it suffice to begin with the statement:  The ability to think for one’s own true self(or the lack thereof) is a testament to why society is failing as a whole, why it will continue to founder.

The more time that is spent examining the world, the more one may see what may lie within themselves.  This is a powerful notion.  It is also a notion which makes most people extremely disagreeable.  Secondary notions rule the world in the present time.  No longer is it uniform to take a second look  or more importantly, to ask one of the most important questions one may ask of themselves, “WHY”?    This question is not an easy question with simple answers by any means.  It most often leads us down of path of more questions and ultimately there will arise a choice that one must take.  To believe or not believe.  To presume true… to ultimately put confidence in these things in life which are inevitably tangible.

However, this path most often gets cut short in its rudimentary stages.  With the utmost prevalence in todays society, you are presumed to be mad to even question anyone or anything beyond a few steps.  Take this a step further; even whilst one may dedicate all their time and drudgery to prove an answer to oneself…there may be another who will do anything in their power to make this not the affair.   Take this concept to its furthest, add in logic to the equation.  One begins to logically ask the question “Why”.  One begins to embark on the quest towards answers that actually make logical sense.   Bring in our present “reality’ to this equation and BOFF!  You are in for a one way sojourn with yourself.  It no longer is a quest where you are in good company, if any at that!  To find answers is an abandoned path and that is precisely what it must be.  This was intended so.


You see, there is no way one can feel what another may.  There is no palpable way and there most certainly is no unfleshly way.  So then it must beg another question.  “HOW”?  How can it even be remotely possible that any other person, other than myself can hold answers to principal questions?  Lets now enter in another constituent to the equation along with this new question.  The idea of how easy it is to stay a victim in life.  How easy it is for someone else to do the thinking.  It is facilitated throughout everything that is available today.  “This is a problem BECAUSE of this”, “You NEED to do this or THAT will not work”, “IF you DO NOT DO THIS, there will be dreadful consequences” The ability to even decipher this complex algorithm of what is and is not is a problem that is devastatingly real.  No longer can you have the ability to even FEEL your own thoughts.  No, no.  “You MUST feel this way or that…”

This network of pretty complex proportions leads to the facility of second-hand thoughts.  When one cannot crawl their way out of this web(and few do; even fewer stay that way for life), second-hand thoughts become all inclusive.  It becomes so much easier to take someone else’s word rather than try to even BEGIN to understand, there is no way to encounter truth without the toil that comes with it.  We are now a society that thrives on whatever may be painless.  The less work, the better.  It is so much easier to follow someone else instead of paving your own path to reality(which in turn may actually be closer to logical reality).  Some who even begin this long path to the truth, end up giving up somewhere along the way.  It is after all, a solitary path.  This brings in another point.  The discomfort of one being alone with themselves.  This is perhaps far more telling.  If one is daunted by the thought of being alone with their own contemplations, what does this say about them?  What does this say about their ability to discern that which is a second-hand thought from their own?  The line between that which is reality and that which is presented to you as “reality”  is non-existent in most people’s minds.  They can no longer discern what truly is their own thought.  Their thoughts become someone else’s and eventually these thoughts turn into destructive convictions, thus our present state.

It isn’t that they can’t see the solution. It’s that they can’t see the problem.”*


Indeed, if one were only more aware of what truly is meant when asking oneself “WHY”, this dilemma might begin to see its way to the light.  However, there is a refusal even amongst some of the most intelligent of men to even begin to understand that this question should NEVER go away.  There is fine line between that which we think and create versus that which is real.

One must somehow find a way of loving the world without trusting it; somehow one must love the world without being worldly.


The momentary glimpse of solace may perhaps be within nature.

A” dead thing goes with the stream. Only a living thing can go against it.


One cannot stress enough, the importance of the unbearable lightness of holding on tightly onto their own understandings but also being able to let go.  This is not a matter of whether one is finding an answer, it is merely a quest…



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* All quotes by GK Chesterton




Author: mmartel

"If he's honest, he'll steal; if he's human, he'll murder; if he's faithful, he'll deceive. Being at a loss to resolve these questions, I am resolved to leave them without any resolution." I have so much to say to you that I am afraid I shall tell you nothing."

6 thoughts on “The ability to think for Oneself…”

  1. Hi Melody. Interesting article. Sorta related to your comment on Varg’s blog:

    You mentioned convictions (a firmly held belief or opinion) in your reply. Surely these make it very hard to ask why or at least bias your answers to that question? Reality has unfortunately removed most of mine and forced me towards a more fluid attitude where knowledge is concerned. I’m not intolerant though, I won’t suffer anything that threatens my family, myself or my friends. Don’t have much time for the dishonest or greedy either.

    1. Reality is a hard pill to swallow. Oftentimes, we mistake what may be a conviction without thinking that logic also comes into play. Bias is inevitable and whomever says its not is lying to himself and others. Its where this bias leads that is up to you in the end. One must choose and through their choices form a path. This path ultimately will have consequences whether they be good or bad. Its up to us to decide how one will take something. We have more power than we realize or are told.

  2. Intellectual freedom is the most important kind of liberty. Without it, all other forms of freedom are meaningless. The mind controls all other actions of the body. If you can control what somebody thinks, you control his destiny.

    It also can be the most dangerous to pursue. In broken societies, thinking for yourself leads you to be in direct opposition of the group most of the time. This leads to ostracization at best and death at worst. Only the most courageous dare desire freedom in these times.

    1. This quote by Johann Goethe comes to mind: “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”. Freedom, in my mind is like the pursuit of happiness. It’s not intended to be reached or perhaps at best reached by momentary glimpses. Its more where the path to that will lead. Those who are foolish enough to believe they have achieved anything, have achieved nothing. To me…comfort is dangerous. Most of the time, I go the path of most resistance. Naturally, this is a hard life…but that is what I choose and then I accept come what may. Yes, albeit as you say…this is a lonely path. Its lonely because it takes courage, true courage…which is rare nowadays.

  3. Modernity insists on limiting us to what others think or from what is decreed to us through the a higher authority. We are restricted to think in terms of action in consequence, just as you say. “If you do THIS, then ONLY THIS will be the result.” Most will blatantly accept this premise and will just imitate the thoughts of someone else without giving anything a second thought or any skeptical analysis. This limitation has largely been accepted by the masses but provides for a greater few the opportunity to find the truth. Those who do not seek the truth are often crippled by fear of the truth or because they are not willing to put the effort into finding it. To them, success must be as painless as possible. Today, the truth is buried in a sea of lies. The pursuit of intellectual freedom is an arduous task in these current times. The path is an abandoned one left for nature to reconquer and forever withhold it’s secrets until one worthy enough to find them embarks on a journey to find them. Finding the golden tablets is a lonely path indeed but the knowledge contained therein far outweighs the task of finding them. Their fruits are eternal and gives the searcher a much greater value than anything else.

  4. Modernity is an unbearable reality, that can really leave one numb trying to even take in all that is happening. Its no wonder than how nihilism, atheism and all the like are becoming the new “reality”. I find most days overwhelming and feel like a complete stranger around most. Its a strange, strange world. But its the world we inhabit, one must learn to adapt and become better. Otherwise, most tangible things end up becoming a waste of time and space.

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