ON MOTHERHOOD…and its direct effect on Society (PART I)


“Our life always expresses the result of our dominant thoughts.”

Soren Kierkegaard

If the above quote bears any resemblance to reality and to mothers today…  we are in serious trouble concerning the future of society.


It is a rare thought in todays society that when it is decided to create a life…just what this will mean for generation after generation.  Not just for what this means in the future, but also what it has meant in the past.

The more I look around me…the more I become afraid for the future of society.  For my children, for my children’s children, etc.  I feel a good amount of guilt as well.  For what was once, has past and what generation after generation had so painstakingly fought to preserve has all but mostly died.  If one can then be honest with oneself, they have even played a role in this(willingly or not).  Everything our ancestors fought for, has been all but lost.  Our instincts have become almost null.  One of the most important of these instincts, that of being a real mother is fighting a losing battle in todays society.  Everything that was once thought as logic is now being referred to as “old fashioned”.  A term that bears a negative connotation to most.  No longer do we respect our ancestors thoughts, nor give thoughts to their actions.  This is to our ultimate detriment.  Its not just the immediate effects that it has, but the domino-like affect it will have on your own family for so many future generations to come.  The ultimate demise of what it truly means  to think and act like a mother, to actually BE a mother.


If one can truly be honest with themselves, they realize that life has infinitely deeper meaning than those things that directly affect only us.  We have a deeper spirit that lives in unison with ours, it is us we are that.  This spirit is mother nature.   Mother nature will take and it will give.  More importantly, we have been taking far more than what we have given.  Our myopia has affected us so greatly, that we no longer see how everything in the world is connected to this mother nature and how everything works as a unit.  We are but a microcosm in this universe filled with life.  Every little part plays a role.  Without one or the other, things cannot function to the benefit of the other.  When we begin to put our needs above those of mother nature…this delicate balance becomes interrupted.  Than comes destruction.  But not only destruction of the things around us (in nature)  it is ultimately a destruction to ourselves.  Every time we take a little bit more, we kill a larger part of ourselves.  Ultimately, this can have true catastrophic effects to the whole that is society.


When you begin to embark on the journey that is motherhood, few really realize just what an important event this is.  It is not just about a life in this world, or a life that is connected to you.  It is also a time when an opportunity is born.  This opportunity is of greater proportions than most can quantify.  The opportunity I speak of is that of being able to bring a change in the course of time.  Many may argue that time cannot be altered.  That is, what is past is gone.  All that we have done wrong cannot be redone.  But, there could be no greater untruth.  Especially when trying to right what was wrong in this life, in your life.  Through our actions, we have failed many a time.  But motherhood is chance.  It is a time when chance can directly change our future, your future.

There is a connection we bear with our ancestors and no matter what you believe or how you believe it…there Is no denying this connection.  Whether it be in soil or in blood.  Whether it is in written form or that which is passed on through genetics.  We cannot deny that our ancestors are in us and we are them.  This is a continuous cycle.  When you decide to become a mother.  When you plan on giving birth…you are truly giving birth to your ancestors.  Few realize just how powerful this is.  Few realize what this power holds for the future.  For the future of the world.  You as an individual hold this power through your thoughts, thoughts alone.  These thoughts than give fruit to action.  This action then takes form.  Ultimately a child is born.  It is a child, but it is also so much bigger than that.  It is a life form that holds the keys to make or break the world.

When a mother and father decide to get together, most thoughts are not given to this cycle that ultimately affects this dangerous balance with mother nature.  When a father has certain genetics and a mother also her own, these genetics combine in a way that will affect the world!   This is such a powerful gift.  But, genetics are now destroying society.  Mother and father are no longer taking into consideration just what their genetics can do.  Most do not sit down to even consider the scientific implications, let alone the implications this can bear on mother nature and her gifts.

Lets face it, it is not necessarily pleasant to think on the more negative aspects of life.  Most people will truly try to avoid such thoughts.  Its not comfortable to sit and have a conversation with your partner about what genetic anomalies lie in their making; in their prior generations make-up.  Its not comfortable to sit and admit to yourself let alone, all the flaws that you may posses.  More than likely, most of these flaws were also your parents flaws and their parents, as so on.  It is by no mistake that you are who you are.  And trust the apparent facts, it will be NO mistake when you give life and they become who they will be.  These things will be decided, whether you consider them or not.  What your child will look like.  What traits your child will inherit be they in blood, in character and in action.  What course the world will take.  This power is in your hands.  This is what motherhood is.  These are the implicit actions that will take place after you cease to exist.  These traits are not just from you, they were developed for you.  They were developed for you through careful thoughts from generations past.  Every generation has lost a bigger piece of connection to that which came before.  Every generation is losing the wisdom that was fought for so dearly.  You are ultimately deciding how much more will be lost.  You, as a mother as the guiding force of nature.



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Author: mmartel

"If he's honest, he'll steal; if he's human, he'll murder; if he's faithful, he'll deceive. Being at a loss to resolve these questions, I am resolved to leave them without any resolution." I have so much to say to you that I am afraid I shall tell you nothing."

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